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Nigerian Dwarf & Nubian Goats

Our goats

ADGA Registered

We have registered Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian Goats that we breed and raise ourselves.  We kid late spring to early summer.  Available goats will be listed by the end of August of each year.

Dams & Sires

ADGA Registered

Nigerian Dwarf - Second Fresheners

Acorn, Norman & Gertrude

Acorn is the red doe with a white poll and has the largest udder of the Nigerians. She is quite the character who loves attention and had twin blue eyed doelings with Blackjack this year, Juniper and Sunny.  Gertrude is the very elegant gold with brown Swiss markings who loves her treats and grain. Her udder is very prim and proper and my favorite udder since her second freshening so far.  She had two doelings and a buckling sired by Tipp this year.  Mango, Urma and Jethro.  Norman is a sweet and funny buckskin who's a kid at heart. She is the easiest to hand milk and has the perfect udder.  We really appreciate her milking abilities and attributes!  

Nigerian Dwarf - First Fresheners

Piper, Ivy, trouble & Tippeny

Tippeny, Trouble, Ivy and Piper are all first fresheners. Tippeny is a very feminine and gorgeous buckskin; her dam is our second freshener Norman.  Tippeny had twin bucklings sired by Blackjack this year, Montana and Dakota.  Trouble is a sweet, silly and fun loving doe whose dam is our second freshener Acorn.  Trouble had twin bucklings this year sired by Blackjack, Tank and Boomer.  Ivy is a white and cream doe with brown eyes.  She had two bucklings and a doeling sired by Tipp this year, Mustard, Oaks and Lillie.  Piper is a red with white spots and frosted ears. She is put together very nicely and has a feminine appearance.  She had two doelings and a buckling sired by Blackjack this year, Siracha, RPG and Zeplin. 

Nubian - First Fresheners

Opal & Nellie

Opal and Nellie are our pure bred Nubians and had our first ever Mini Nubians.  We have purchased a purebred Nubian buck, Phoenix this past spring so we will have Purebred Nubians next year.  Opal is a very loving black and tan with a partial band and frosted ears and crown. She had a single buckling sired by Blackjack, Stanley.   Nellie is a one human goat with a brown coat and frosted ears.  She is very vocal and had a single doeling sired by Blackjack, Jane.   

Nigerian Dwarf - Buck

Blackjack (billy)

Billy is our Nigerian Dwarf Buck that we purchased in October 2023 and he has sired the kids of Acorn, Norman, Piper, Tippeny, Trouble, Opal and Nellie this year.  He is a black, white and blue-eyed sweetheart with several moon spots and a very gentle disposition.  A very thick rump makes this guy a very handsome herd sire!  He is backed up with some great milking genetics so we really hope he throws some great milking does!

Nigerian Dwarf - Buck


Tipp is our other Nigerian Dwarf Buck that was born and raised here on our farm.  He is a brown eyed sweetheart with the very best personality and disposition.  As a yearling we are very peased with how he is growing.  He is the son of our Dam Norman and twin of our retained doeling, Tippeny.  He is the sire to Gertrude and Ivy's kids this year.  With his great milking genetics we are hoping to prove him!

Goat Milk Soap

Our soap is made with Raw Fresh Goat milk from our very own goats.  Goat Milk is our first ingredient and we keep it all natural. Each batch is handmade and unique.  
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